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Get ready to launch yourself into a rescue mission in Mystery of the Old House, a hidden object games no download release.


But you must be aware that this is no ordinary rescue mission, this will involve more than just courage to see through, this task can use your abilities of keen observation to locate and gather all of the hidden clues that will help you rescuing your friend. The Old House is not an ordinary old house either! Mystical and dangerous objects lay around hidden locations that will surprise and scare you out of your wits! This is a highly electrifying and challenging rescue mission youll ever get yourself involved into! Maximize your abilities to the fullest as the objects will be hidden in locations that you least expect it to be hidden! The house have prepared trick up its sleeves for individuals that will try to enter its threshold, you must be on guard at all times! Distraction will do harm than good, dont hesitate as hesitation will only bring trouble; and if you are not able to fight it, you will fail in rescuing your friend! You must hurry! Time is of the essence in this task, or there will be nothing left to rescue! Stay alive as long as possible to succeed!

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