The Lost Documents
The Secret Code
Valentine Memories
Trip to Cherokee Forest
The Vampire Memories
The Valley Hotel
Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
Afternoon at the Farm
Jewel Quest Mysteries: Trail of the Midnight Heart
Hidden Objects - Gibson House
Margrave Manor 2:
Margrave Manor 2:
Give aid Edwina Margrave and find t ..
Hidden Objects: De
Hidden Objects: De
Clatter is all over this desk! Can ..
Lamp of Aladdin
Lamp of Aladdin
Lets us go back down memory lane an ..
Legacy Tales: Merc
Legacy Tales: Merc
Go on a historical and explorative ..
What a Mess
What a Mess
Hidden object games no download bri ..
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The Lost Documents
*** The job of the lawyers is really responsible. They always act so se...
The Secret Code
*** There are numerous attempts of decrypting the messages of the Bible.
Valentine Memories
Go on and create your own Valentine Memories! Expressing your love for s...
Trip to Cherokee Forest
Have you been to an ancient place were culture was rich and in abundance...
The Vampire Memories
Can you believe it? Vampires can become as romantic and nostalgic! You a...
The Valley Hotel
Play the role of Mr. Rogers, the proud owner of the renowned Valley Hote...
The Secret Potion
Discover Princes Iris kingdom, the kingdom of Hilikon. The princess was ...
Sleepless Night
Have had Sleepless Nights before? There were instances that cause such o...
My Home Library
Do you have time to read books or poetry? Do you still use the library t...
Midnight Whispers
Being alone in your own home, especially on midnight; does not cause for...
Echoing Voices
*** It could be very hard for those children who have somehow lost thei...
Earning and Spending
*** Some people prefer to use the weekend for leisure activities like s...
Cleaning with Lynda
*** Yes, we all know that there are companies that work with cleaning h...
Afternoon at the Farm
*** Going on a farm could be really interesting and relaxing as well. T...
A Job Interview
*** Looking for a job may be difficult thing, especially if you are une...
Letters for Veronica
*** Meet this great lover boy! Assuming from his acts and intentions, yo...
Underwater Hotel
Going on holidays with your family is an event worthy of waiting for of ...
The House of Secrets
How would you like to reveal the hidden mystery from The House of Secret...
Right on Time
Are you always Right on Time? Having a livelihood that travels a lot lik...
Richmond Village
City living gives you the opportunity to have everything within a grasp....
Lost Kingdom of Samaria
Explore the Lost Kingdom of Samaria back in the 9th and 8th Century BC. ...
The Golden Cave
Go on and take the step that will bring you into the spectacular scenes ...
Carmens Hair Salon
It is said that the hair is the womans crowning glory. And in Carmens Ha...
Aoede in Wonderhaven
Explore the world of the theater in Aoede in Wonderhaven. This is a chi...